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Book Club
Girl With A Past

1) At what point did you understand Al’s relationship to Lexi? Were you

2) How does the title, GIRL WITH A PAST, relate to the story?

3) Did the story increase your understanding of life in Berkeley and San
Francisco in the 60's? While reading, were you able to experience the Bay

4) Was there more than one character in the story who might have had a past
life? If so, who?

5) Al found Derek attractive regardless of the difference in their ages. Do you
think it is possible that reincarnation explains the attraction between people of
disparate ages?

6) Who did you suspect was the killer? Were your suspicions confirmed or
were you surprised?

7) Did you suspect there was perhaps more than one killer?

8) If you were making a film who would you cast as Lexi? Or Al?

9) Who among Lexi and Al's friends and family was your favorite character?
Why? Who would you cast as that character?

10) Can the death of a close friend while one is young effect one's future
choices and careers?

11) Did you, or someone you know, come to San Francisco in the 60's? What
songs from that period––such as If You Come to San Francisco––  are
reminiscent of the sixties time setting?

12) What do you think Al’s parents would say to each other if they discovered
their daughter was a GIRL WITH A PAST?

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